What Happens to the Products We Recycle?

Junk Mail and old newspapers are sold to Pratt Industries papermill in Shreveport, Louisiana. They make the middle part of the cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes are made into new ones at a papermill in Dallas.

Plastic water bottles and soda bottles are made into new plastic water and soda bottles. Some are made into carpet fibers-these are sold to various Texas and Georgia markets.

Steel cans are made into steel rebar at steel mini mills located throughout the U.S.

Aluminum Cans are made into aluminum sheets at a factory in Kentucky.

Milk jugs, orange juice jugs, detergent bottles, mixed plastic materials are sold to Ohio to be made into new bottles.

Glass is made into new glass bottles currently sold to Anheuser Busch in Texas and other various areas throughout the U.S.